The Gods and Monsters Xtravaganzah saw me at a new and wonderful venue- The Bethnal Green Working Men's Club!  This was a phenominal show, with an INSANE line-up, and a very pretty title that held little substance.  I just didn't know what to call the show.  Seriously.  The underlying theme to the night was frustration and anger- specifically targetted at the gentrification of London as more and more venues get closed down in the name of 'Pret' or 'Luxury flats.'  Power to the queers! So sayeth the Virgin Mary.  This show starred the incredible talents of Tete Bang (who also DJed), Bambi Blue, Ruby Wednesday, Imma Mess, The Infamous Boom Boom, Lilly Snatchdragon, and EPPIE- who made her performance debut!


All photos courtesy of Dino Paciulli  

Damien Frost of @harmonyhalo fame (Check out his Instagram for all the club kid/drag/look Xtravaganzah there!) set up a photo booth to photograph some of the guests and performers at the show!  

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